Graphic Design

Even in today’s digital cyber world with web sites and social media, it is still imperative that an organization have printed marketing materials. Brochures, flyers and unique hand outs are a great way to get the word out about your organization. These items are also great to leave behind after meeting with perspective members as well as handing out at events and can be downloadable from the web site. These materials would incorporate the company brand along with links to its web site and social media sites. Part of a company’s marketing plan should also incorporate attending events to establish contacts, partners and perspective members. At these events your company would be able to hand out brochures, business cards and giveaway items such as stress balls, pens, etc. with the company branding and web address on them. Vitruvian Group, Inc. works with its clients to prepare for and publicize these events with marketing materials and posts information about the events on their company web site.